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Deposits of crypto assets


Deposit is possible only into a custody account. If you need to deposit funds into a lending account, funds need to be pushed to a custody account first and only then transferred to the lending account. Custody accounts are there to keep customer funds safe via a cold multi-signature wallet, which is stored offline.

Deposit amounts

There are no limitations in total deposit amounts.


We don't charge any extra fees for depositing funds.

Deposit speed

Drixx is constantly monitoring transactions in the blockchain and once we receive at least two confirmations of the transaction we immediately top up account balance.

Drixx UI

You can quickly deposit to Drixx by pressing the Deposit button once logged in in the Drixx Yield Platform. It is done via QR code modal window for deposits from your account. You can check the status of deposits by going to the Transactions page.


Once you've submitted a deposit you will receive two notifications: "Deposit initiated" (1) and "Deposit confirmed" (2). Once deposit is requested and appears in the Blockchain you will receive email notification stating that your deposit has been initiated. Once deposit is confirmed on the Blockchain you will receive the second email stating that account balance has been changed.